Our Team

Our Agents 

Welcome to the Iconic Partners Group page! We are the Cleveland area's newest, innovative and industry-changing real estate partner group brokered by eXp Realty. We have created a team structure that helps put more money in our agents' pockets while emphasizing a strong client relationship. 

As Real Estate Professionals, we take our responsibility very seriously.. after all, you may be buying or selling the largest investment of your life! Get to know us as we make our debut introduction into Cleveland's Real Estate market!

Who We Are

The Iconic Partners Group brokered by eXp Realty is dedicated to delivering a premium customer experience, while challenging the status quo of real estate, helps us provide more value to our clients than a legacy brokerage. 

Our team leaders have been part of real estate teams, worked with other industry professionals, and gotten feedback from agents in all different areas...We knew that it was time to change the typical team structure to allow our agents to make more money as they take pride in their craftsmanship, as eXp Realty has done with their industry-changing model.

Our Core Values

  • Work hard. Stay humble. Learn & Grow together.
  • Treat everyone with respect and integrity.
  • We are selfless leaders that lead by example & trust our teammates
  • We accept full responsibility for our actions, with no excuse
  • We are involved in our communities through events, giving back and helping others
  • We believe there is no "I" in team, growth or success

Our Mission

Our mission to our community is to challenge the status quo of real estate by delivering a premium service to our clients through advanced systematic processes

Our mission to our team is to grow our partners' businesses by providing collaborative tools, training and surroundings. We are committed to guiding and supporting new partners, and encouraging growth while on the path to becoming an ICON agent. Collectively, our goal is to live a comfortable life of financial freedom!

Our team leaders take immense pride in building agents' business from exactly where they are. Whether he/she is a brand new agent that needs unconditional support, we have their back. Or, if he/she is a veteran agent, we utilize them as assets and continue to support them to take their business to the next level. Our unique team structure analyzes our team's growth to move them to the next level.

Our team is equipped with a full-time Transaction Coordinator to not only support our agents but to best serve our clients throughout the entire home buying/selling transaction. Stephanie is an elite player on our team and takes pride in her detailed work!

Our agents are the heartbeat of our company and team. From veterans to newly in the business, these agents go above and beyond to take care of their clients. We are SO EXCITED to help them continue to grow their business and excited to bring aboard Hungry, Humble and Smart individuals that want to be ICONS in the Real Estate industry!

Not only have we positioned ourselves to work with top-notch real estate agents, but we have also strategically partnered with industry professionals that constantly serve our agents and clients to the highest levels. 

Our partner in the mortgage process is Team Fast Lane, with Cross Country Mortgage. Bradley Lane, Michael Maier, and their team have been by our side for years and consistently provided the best service. Their knowledgeable team makes our clients feel comfortable and assists them from A to Z in the loan process. 

Cross Country Mortgage, LLC | bradley.lane@myccm.com  | michael.maier@myccm.com

Our partner in Title is Stacey Maczulis with Ohio Real Title. Not only a great friend, an absolute Icon in the Title industry. Stacey, Chris, Jennifer and their entire team at Ohio Real Title go above and beyond in their communication, ability to close deals on time, and meeting our clients where they're at!

In addition to our strategic business partners, we have found some of the best photographers and home stagers in the area to help sell houses for the most amount of money! Our list of partners for all aspects of the process is guaranteed to help get the job done; from roofers, electricians and plumbers, home warranties, inspectors, and more!

Our Clients

WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS and all walks of life! With seasoned agents making up our team, we have the ability and knowledge to help anybody purchase a home. Whether it is your first home or your last, we have the skills to help everybody purchase or sell their home.  We couldn't be where we are today without each one of you, and for that we THANK YOU.

In a nutshell..

We are excited to be one of the newest and most innovative Real Estate teams in the Cleveland area with eXp Realty. We look forward to continued growth and never-ending life-changing moments from buying and selling homes to our community while growing our agents' business!

Areas We Cover